eID for German savings banks using the Feitian bR500 with electronic ID cards

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Autenticazione e-ID Lettori Smart Card

In conjunction with S-Markt & Mehrwert savings banks in Germany can provide secure and convenient eID processes for their customers. The Feitian bR500 Bluetooth smart card reader makes this process possible on tablets and mobile.

eID for german savings banks using the national electronic identity card with s-markt & mehrwert

eID (meaning electronic identification) refers to digital methods of verifying a user's identity. In banking this is a task that was traditionally performed manually but can now be performed in a much more secure way electronically using the customer's national identity card.

Savings banks can employ strong customer authentication using the eID features of the modern identity card. This is essential when a customer is accessing their account or making a transaction.

The Feitian bR500 smart card reader supports contactless reading of identity cards over NFC. It also features a Bluetooth interface to provide wireless connection for use with iPads and other tablets.

German savings banks can leverage this technology and establish secure digital processes for their customer verification using the OSPlus/OSPlus_neo software with the Branch-Ident module from S-Market & Mehrwert. This allows for a fully automated identity check in the branch.

feitian br500 bluetooth smart card reader allows reading eid cards in german savings banks The Feitian bR500 supports wireless operation via Bluetooth. This allows you to read contactless eID cards over NFC using an iPad.

Feitian bR500 At A Glance

feitian br500 bluetooth smart card reader for german savings banks

Feitian bR500

  • Supports contactless eID cards
  • Supported by OSPlus/OSPlus_neo
  • Compatible with iOS and Android

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The Feitian bR500 is a Bluetooth-enabled smart card reader for contactless smart cards. It is a general purpose card reader that allows contactless cards to be read over NFC.

For savings banks this helps make digital proof of identity secure and wireless. Customer data can be transferred from the card into the banking system electronically and error-free.

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