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(In inglese) How to implement subscription and pay-per-use licensing with dongles

Subscription and pay-per-use licensing models are becoming increasingly popular. They are attractive to customers, who only pay for software or services that they actively use, and they are popular with software vendors because they provide opportunities to fully monetise software.

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(In inglese) A guide to software licensing

This article explains the most common software licensing models and lists various ways you can enforce your software licence terms and conditions. Particular focus is given to how software protection systems can control the use of your software and the number of copies allowed.

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(In inglese) How to copy-protect demos and trial software

It is common practice for software developers to release demo versions of their software so that potential customers can evaluate its functionality before purchasing it. This licensing model is usually known as trialware, demoware or "try before you buy". This article explores how software demos can be provided in a secure way while protecting IP and revenue streams.

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Che cos'è la protezione del software?

La protezione del software si riferisce a misure che possono essere prese da uno sviluppatore software per impedire l'uso non autorizzato del software, implementando accordi di licenza e l'uso di tecniche contro il debugging e il reverse-engineering per proteggere la proprietà intellettuale dal furto.

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