Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On with MFA

SSO with SmartSign MFA delivers a convenient and secure means of logging into to multiple websites and cloud applications for your users.

SSO is convenient for users


SSO allows your users to access multiple applications while only needing to authenticate once.

Users can move between different applications with seamlessly and with ease.

SSO with MFA protects access to cloud apps


SSO improves security by reducing the likelihood of users choosing weak passwords or reusing passwords.

Adding MFA further reduces the chances of an attacker gaining access to protected systems.

SSO makes users more efficient and increases productivity


SSO allows your users to remain focused on the job they're doing by removing the interruption of repeated authentications.

Users save time and productivity is increased thanks to a more efficient workflow.


SmartSign SSO integrates with the following technologies and protocols:

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

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Integrate SmartSign MFA


SmartSign MFA can protect logins on a wide range of platforms.

SmartSign Management System

Management System

View and manage your users and devices all in one place through the SmartSign Portal.

Multi-factor authentication app for Android and iOS

SmartSign App

Let your users authenticate with their smartphone using the SmartSign app for Android and iOS.