WebAuthn (FIDO) MFA

FIDO U2F Authentication SDK and Management System.

Protect access to your web application by enabling MFA using WebAuthn FIDO Security Keys which protect users against hackers, malware and keyloggers.

You can provide your users with a simple and secure mechanism for logging in to your website or web application using FIDO keys which are also supported by Google, Dropbox and Github to name just a few. In addition, SmartSign supports FIDO authentication on every browser across Windows, Mac and Linux.

SmartSign includes an authentication server, SDK, management system and comprehensive documentation.

Integrate FIDO keys into your application in minutes with SmartSign.

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Other Authentication Methods

Smartphone-based QR code multi-factor authentication


Smartphone and tablet based MFA. Simple, convenient and secure.

One time password OATH OTP HOTP TOTP hardware token support


SmartSign supports OATH One Time Password (OTP) hardware tokens, both event-based and time-based.

Email-based One-Time Password (OTP) MFA

Email-Based OTP

Instantly deploy strong authentication using email OTP delivery. Tokenless authentication on the move.