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Windows Smart Card Logon Using Feitian ePass2003 PKI Cards and Tokens

Nick Smith | 8 January 2021
Authentication PKI Smart Card

Windows logon using smart cards and tokens significantly improves the login security for domain user accounts. This post provides an overview of smart card logon and the hardware options available from Microcosm.

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Generic Identity Device Specification (GIDS) for Smart Card Authentication

Nick Smith | 22 April 2019
Authentication GIDS PKI Smart Card

GIDS sets out the functionality of a physical identity device that can be used for authentication, such as a smart card or USB token.

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Che cos'è PKCS#11?

Nick Smith | 30 November 2018

PKCS#11 definisce un API per comunicare con token crittografici di sicurezza come Smart card, chiavi USB e Hardware Security Module (HSM). Noto anche come "Cryptoki", PKCS#11 fa parte degli standard di crittografia a chiave pubblica.

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