Support for Dinkey and Dinkey Pro

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Troubleshooting Checklist

1. Use the Latest Version

The first step in troubleshooting problems is to check that you are using the latest version of the Dinkey Pro SDK (or legacy Dinkey SDK).

If your problem occurs while using one of the SDK utilities, try to reproduce the problem using the latest version of that program. If the problem occurs in your protected software, create a new locked copy of your software using the latest DinkeyAdd (and the latest API libraries where applicable), and then see if the problem still occurs with this new version of your software.

If you cannot use the latest version for some reason, make sure that you mention which version you are using when contacting our support team.

2. Check the Knowledge Base

The Dinkey Knowledge Base provides answers for all the most common questions and problems relating to Dinkey and Dinkey Pro. The knowledge base also contains descriptions for virtually all Dinkey and Dinkey Pro error codes, including common causes of these error codes and how to avoid them.

3. Contact Our Support Team

If you cannot find a solution to your problem in the knowledge base, use the knowledge base contact form to send a message to our support team. Technical support is free for all our customers, forever.